Precise street level location on an easy to view map. Vehicles easily identifiable with labeled and color-coded icons that change status on stop, moving, idle and speeding.


In fleet vehicles, cameras can add an extra layer of safety. Video from our cameras provides live and historical views that are fully integrated into the RoMa software. Single and multi-view camera views are available.


Our client base ranges from small to large enterprise. We provide our services to meet the different needs.


Because the pressure to keep up with your business doesn’t stop when you’re away from the office computer, the RoMa Mobile App allows you to access key information about your fleet anytime.


We are really proud of our company.


We love our clients – especially when they pay us!


At least that’s what we will tell you!


Decades of practical GPS Fleet Management experience.


We help you reduce idling and unnecessary driving. You are burning less fuel, reducing costs and saving the environment.


Its hard to know what’s really happening out in the field. That can mean missed opportunities, poor productivity or unnecessary costs. We can help change that, with a full 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations. Know what’s going on in the field so you can dispatch more efficiently, improve customer service and reduce time spent calling drivers for updates. Our fleet tracking supports both small and large business fleets.


Roadside Systems Heat Map

It’s Hot Out There- Roadside Systems Heat Maps can show you where the fire is really burning! The heat really cranked up this summer. The Birmingham office boasted about its higher average temp but remained mum when the St. Louis office explained it’s the combo of heat and humidity that determine the “real feel”.   What no one can…

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Gardening at Roadside

Growing corn…on Big Bend Blvd? Does any other GPS Fleet Management company grow a garden on a busy street? Probably not. Gardening at Roadside has been a critical part of our operations over the past four years. This year we have corn stalks shooting up right in front of our office. We’ve seen major yield improvements over the years,…

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Is This Thing On?

At last, Roadside Systems will be consistently gracing social media with our presence. Critics so far have called the reach of the accounts “close to Taylor Swift”. One critic even said the Instagram account layout is “that of a Picasso”.  Since it has been an entire year since we announced our return to Facebook, everyone…

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The King! In Shreveport? 

Yes! On a recent install in Louisiana, we stumbled across a fantastic Elvis statue a picked up a little bit of history!  Elvis actually had his first big breakthrough playing on a program called the Louisiana Hayride hosted at the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium. He made his performance debut on October 16th, 1954. Elvis was signed to a contract to perform…

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Fishing Gear?

Does a fishing shirt actually help you catch more fish? It’s a centuries-old debate that has vexed anglers. We really have no idea. We do think our line of Roadside Systems fishing gear is pretty darn cool. If you would like a shirt just fill out the contact info and check the box for – I want…

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What the heck is that?

It’s a peanut roaster. Well, maybe THE peanut roaster. While on a recent trip to the new Roadside Systems offices in Birmingham, AL. We got a chance to sample the wares at the Alabama Peanut Company ( The pictured roaster has been in perpetual use for more than 100 years. Housed in Birmingham’s 1907 “Peanut House” –…

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Hello Birmingham!

We opened the doors to the first office in our Southeastern expansion in October.  We have set up shop in the Trussville area of Birmingham. We have brought on James Taylor, a Birmingham native, to run the show. We are very, very excited.   So now our Southeastern push features an office (complete with desks), a…

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In 2016 we released the RoMa App. We had high hopes for its adoption by our clients. We are happy to report our expectation have been exceeded! The RoMa app is now installed and running on thousands of our client’s phones.  The app has many useful features including Driver ID, Fuel Management, and Vehicle Inspection.…

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