January 22, 2024

RoMa Lane Miracle: How RoMa Became a Vehicle Recovery Hero


Roadside Systems released its “RoMa” software in 2008. It has been hailed as one of the world’s greatest achievements, similar in scope and importance to the wheel, fire, the cure for Polio, and the internal combustion engine.

Okay, maybe that is a little overstated, but RoMa has helped many companies improve overall operations in many areas including safety, productivity, and client satisfaction. RoMa has also been involved in quite a number of asset recoveries as well. No kidding, one company informed Roadside Systems’ top brass that they had recovered “millions of dollars of equipment” utilizing our software. “Millions” sounds like a big number.

Companies have had their property stolen since, well, the beginning of companies. There’s even a “Flintstones” episode about it (Season 1, Episode 17 – Fred and Barney are in a car that is stolen from Mr. Rubble’s used car lot – it’s a must-see episode).

Which leads us to the craziest thing ever. In January, we received an email titled:

“You can’t make this stuff up!”

What couldn’t you make up, you ask? Our client recovered their stolen vehicle – wait for it – on RoMa Lane! That’s right, RoMa software led our client to their wayward vehicle on RoMa Lane.

While we can’t promise you will recover all your stolen vehicles and equipment with our product, we can tell you that if you do, there may be a really good story that goes with it!