September 6, 2023

Roadside Systems Heat Map


It’s Hot Out There- Roadside Systems Heat Maps can show you where the fire is really burning!

The heat really cranked up this summer. The Birmingham office boasted about its higher average temp but remained mum when the St. Louis office explained it’s the combo of heat and humidity that determine the “real feel”.  

What no one can disagree with is the Roadside Systems Heat Maps can give you an accurate view of the real temperature of your business. Now you can get a quick view of where your team is concentrating its time.

It may surprise you. It is possible your team is spending time in areas you didn’t realize that they were. That could be a good thing(sales opportunities!) or a bad thing (red hot action at Bob’s Wing Buffet might not be the most profitable move for the company’s bottom line or your team’s waistline).

What came as a disappointing shock to the Birmingham office is the heat map made it clear that it’s hotter in St. Louis. Okay, okay there are more personnel out of the St. Louis office. Still, the map can’t be wrong!