January 2, 2023

The Curious Case of the First Roadside Systems Birmingham Install


As most know, we opened up our Southeastern Headquarters in Birmingham this past year. It has been an exciting time and all is going very well. You can read about a few of our Birmingham adventures in these blog posts (#Southeast).

Not many know that oddly our very first Birmingham installs were completed in the Great State of Mississippi. You heard that right Mississippi. Our first Birmingham client was focused on installing tracking on its heavy equipment. They had sent a good portion of the machinery out of state for a large job, and it made sense to want to know where that equipment was! Our client was also looking for engine run time for preventive maintenance and billing purposes.

When Director of Operation James Taylor([email protected]) sent us a pic of the first install and said it was a proud day. Later when he said that the team was leaving Mississippi after wrapping up our first Birmingham install it made for a good laugh. Look for us to dress up in Halloween costumes on Valentine’s day this year!